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MDX Agile Software

Motor Dealer Xchange (MDX) creates, connects and streamlines used vehicle trade opportunities, sources retail inventory and facilitates wholesale revenues all in the one centralised digital space.

We do this through our “MDX Agile Software” which is not only intuitive and fast in use but delivered via either the app or online portal customising the software from management down to the sales executive on the floor placing inventory sourcing, digitisation, selling and analytics all in the palm of your hand.

MDX Agile is designed specifically for Australia aligning seamlessly with the customer purchase journey, retailer operations and relationship structures unique to us.

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MDX Unique Features

  • Source inventory and create leads through our Pre-Trade Inspection segment.
  • Digitise the inventory with class leading simplicity, speed, PPSR efficiencies and analytics to track and scale.
  • Customise Networks — Retailer to retailer, to wholesalers and internal groups.
  • Inventory Automation Channels — Less admin, more time and better decisions for you and your trading partners.

Industry Leading Technology

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