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MDX Agile Software

Motor Dealer Xchange (MDX) creates, connects and streamlines used vehicle trade opportunities, sources retail inventory and facilitates wholesale revenues all in the one centralised digital space.

We do this through our “MDX Agile Software” which is not only intuitive and fast in use but delivered via either the app or online portal customising the software from management down to the sales executive on the floor placing inventory sourcing, digitisation, selling and analytics all in the palm of your hand.

MDX Agile is designed specifically for Australia aligning seamlessly with the customer purchase journey, retailer operations and relationship structures unique to us.

Explore our strategic approach below and contact a member of our team.

MDX Unique Features

  • Source inventory and create leads through our Pre-Trade Inspection segment.
  • Digitise the inventory with class leading simplicity, speed, PPSR efficiencies and analytics to track and scale.
  • Customise Networks — Retailer to retailer, to wholesalers and internal groups.
  • Inventory Automation Channels — Less admin, more time and better decisions for you and your trading partners.

The MDX 5 Pillars

01 Streamline Revenue 02 Inventory Framework 03 MDX Agile 04 Insight Lead Analytics 05 On the Go

01 Streamline Revenue – Cut the Expense

    • Lifecycle Mgt. Tool – Plug me into MDX!
    • Get Offers and Sell Vehicles to your network prior to trade-in
    • Increase trade and sale opportunities for you and your network simultaneously
    • Automate the present process for more focus on value
  • Improve:

    • Sourcing – existing customers, network customers and new channels
    • Effective Brand, Segment and Mix Mgt.
    • Source for Retail, Wholesale or Network/Group pools
  • Reduce:

    • Streamline retail vehicles to the digital environment in seconds
    • Personnel $, Time and Efficiency
    • Cash $ in inventory and/or Cashflow > interest % floor plan
    • Negative commissions > Age/Mix
  • Real time capture of trade opportunities from:

    • Pre-trade situations from Retailer or group
    • New vehicle changeovers opportunities
    • Decisions to price, buy, sell, transfer or age
    • Cashflow
    • Market Visibility
    • Decisions
    • Growth/streamlining initiatives
    • Inventory – quality, volume, mix and turn
    • Personnel coaching opportunities

02 Inventory Framework – Automated Channels

  • Automating value for you and your networks:

    • Retailer is “King”
    • Listings created via rego within seconds
    • Captures and improves Life Cycle Management channels service lane, customer prospecting and loyalty
    • Digitises and automates the vehicles for online
  • Custom network clusters with complete control to manage:

    • Retailer to retailer
    • Retailer to wholesaler
    • Retailer group internal
    • Real time notifications via the App Making decisions on the go
  • Improve scale & Professionalism

    • It’s about adding value to each other in a transparent and accountable way… with reporting at deal and lifetime level
    • Source better vehicles from more places
    • Grow the business with less risk + less capital + more relationship focus
    • Track real time all metrics to improve business quality
    • Align with current ways of business + improve transaction speed + reducing the admin
    • Streamline time taken through the trade process
    • Measure and monitor business KPIs, relationship effectiveness and decisions making
    • Remove network participants that are not adding value to your business whatever that means to you
    • Automation and streamlining
    • Extension to pre-trade opportunities
    • Reduce time to list, and digitise
    • Increase market to sell whilst maintaining a clear hierarchy in the network chain
    • Increased ROI through more time to make better informed decisions

03 MDX Agile – End to End System

    • Sell/source inventory without the need to hold the risk/cost
    • Supercharge the margins
    • Only automated tool in market to allow for Offers on vehicles not presently traded
    • Able to automate valuation through Industry tools, networks and gain commitment to onsell instantly
    • PPSR Management in one platform that is simple, quick and has the ability to be refreshed at a click of a button.
    • Compliance and risk mitigation achieved
    • Digital documentation logged and measured against the vehicle
  • Unique Sales Channels:

    • Pre-Sell vehicles via the Pre-Trade function for offers over asking
    • Sell in stock via Offers, Buy Now or Tenders
    • Sell down the network chain. Adding value, reducing cost and expanding reach
    • Improve mix, reduce age and retain margins
  • Custom Networks Feature:

    • Retailer is “King”, adds value to Wholesalers and improves professional accountability
    • Networks ringfence wholesale and sourcing strategies all measured allowing for quicker and smarter decisions
    • Create internal network for groups to maximise sourcing, mix for retail, win more trades and reduce internal movement costs
  • MDX Agile Built Software

    • Built Agile allowing for retailer customisation in how they choose to interact with their business partners
    • Bespoke software build not linked to or outsourced in any way
    • Account managers are system experts with retail experience

04 Insight Lead Analytics

    • Know the market size and the opportunity at your dealership
    • Better indicators for market movements, sentiment and retention
    • Understand what is missed and why
    • More defined acquisition Strategies to the market
    • The right data segmented to make the right decision
    • Personnel > User Effectiveness
    • Network > Cluster Effectiveness
    • Brands, model and price bracket > Effectiveness
    • Segment/Class > Effectiveness
    • More time and less stress to make better informed strategies
    • To grow your people
    • Communicate to stakeholders clearly
    • Understand the impact of your decisions and opportunities in your strategies in market
  • MDX Agile:

    • Purpose built software meaning if it’s a measure important to driving your business we have the digital flexibility to present it
    • If custom we like to understand before we build to reduce reports that no one reads
    • Why, because, who and how often…
    • Get the right gearing
    • Adjust the right cadence
    • Streamline the strategic flow and activations
    • Drive income generating activities
    • Understand why you succeed and scale or missed the mark

05 On The Go – App Driven

    • Readily accessible
    • Apple OS
    • Android OS
    • Web platform
    • Accurate OEM, Industry and market data
    • Load and access anywhere, anytime
    • Know what, who how and when at a click
    • Review source, network, vehicle, price, PPSR, and status from mobile or wifi
    • Transfer Inventory on the go
    • Notification customised by user, new listings, watched vehicles and time managed to never miss a deal
    • No more emails, reports or calls about the car… receive instant notification to your phone with all the detail to make the right move
    • Its about automation and negotiation not administration
    • Bundle to network, offers, tenders and buy it now

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