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Motor Dealer Xchange is the solution car dealers have been waiting for

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Motor Dealer Xchange (MDX) is a wholesale marketplace for motor dealers. Dealerships can trade stock internally, or within a national dealer network.

Trading wholesale in Australia is time consuming, expensive and filled with risk. Motor Dealer Xchange gives dealerships direct access to get the best possible prices in the shortest possible time. Unlike anything available in Australia, MDX smart technology allows motor dealers to trade in a trustworthy environment, streamlining the entire process to make slow and complex business processes simple, turning days into minutes. Trade wholesale and aged stock from any location, connecting relevant stock to relevant buyers.

MDX is the fastest, safest and most profitable way to buy and sell wholesale in Australia

All listings include in-depth and transparent information for perfect clarity. Combining an easy-to-use interface with extensive manufacturer data, rego status, PPSR certificates, current pricing guides and condition reports to make evaluating potential stock a breeze. Dealerships can continue trading in full conjuction with current processes with their group or network in a fraction of the time, or expand network access on a national dealer network.

Motor Dealer Xchange is the easiest way for motor dealers to reduce risk, leverage time and increase profits on every vehicle.

Motor Dealer Xchange is part of the Motor Trades Association IQ Hub, looking to innnovate the motor industry in 2020

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