MDX for Franchise Dealerships, Dealer Groups & Independent Used Car Dealers

Dealerships and Groups can gain instant access to more stock, trade internally, maximise wholesale values all whilst gaining full transparency across your wholesale business.

Accessible on any device, the MDX platform is only available to licensed motor traders, who enjoy advanced features like price guides, messaging, auto alerts, reports, and analytics.

Turn your Wholesale Department into a profit centre with MDX!

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Why do you need MDX for your dealership?

  • Find More Stock

    Gain instant access to dealer, fleet and wholesaler inventory to search and acquire stock.

  • Move More Metal

    List once and have your inventory found by all buyers — even before the car is in stock.

  • Network Trading

    Trade within your Group, with your existing partners or create new networks nationally.

  • Transparency & Audit

    Remove the high risk of poor transparency and simply not getting the best price.

Features & Benefits for Dealerships

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