Fleet Operators

MDX for Fleet Operators, Hire Car Companies, Manufacturers & Distributors

Fleet Operators can now access more inventory, dispose of vehicles ahead of time and offer stock to their networks without delay, meaning faster settlements and reduced costs.

Don’t get stuck with aging and un-sold inventory. Reduce delays and holding fees associated with batching disposals.

Save Money and Time by disposing of inventory instantly with MDX!

Fleet of cars lined up waiting to be sold

Why do you need MDX for your business?

  • Save Time

    Significantly reduce holding times, logistic delays and receive instant offers.

  • Remove Hassle

    Access more buyers regardless of where you (or they) are and speed up every transaction.

  • Reduce Costs

    Minimise holding and transaction fees and get funded earlier to save interest.

  • Improve Service

    Offer VIP groups exclusivity for a lockup period before opening up access to your fleet.

Time is money when you manage a large fleet…

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