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MDX for Wholesalers & Auction Houses

Wholesalers can instantly price and bid on stock without being on-site or risking poor verbal descriptions and can access existing or new trading partners.

Accessible on any device, the MDX platform is only available to licensed motor traders, who enjoy advanced features like price guides, messaging, auto alerts, reports, and analytics.

Source, Buy and Sell more wholesale stock instantly with MDX!

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Why do you need MDX for your business?

  • Buy & Sell More Stock

    Gain instant access to dealer, fleet and wholesaler inventory to search and acquire stock.

  • Grow Your Network

    Increase your pool of dealers with access to more trading partners.

  • Improve Efficiency

    List and all of your buyers notified instantly. Operate 24/7. Hold tenders to maximise price.

  • Faster Trading

    Receive Instant Notifications, Messaging and Alerts to maximise opportunities.

More cars, more sellers, more money…

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